Summa cutter


Custom of textiles by heat transfer with specific foils cut with the latest technology cutter.

-Personalization by heat transfer is one of the most resistant methods for customizing existing textiles in the industry. -The process consists in the hot application of a special foil cut with a cutter.

-The heat transfer films we have are of high quality, and due to the precision with which we apply them, an extraordinary finished product results, resistant in time, does not peel off, does not deteriorate and does not lose its color.

-We have a wide range of foils in different colors and textures: matte, glossy, transparent, glitter, reflective, velvet, 3d and others.

-This process is perfect for customization with simplified graphics, without many details and it is possible to customize on any material.

-We guarantee absolute quality and resistance.

-Short delivery time and fast execution

The price differs depending on the graphics: size, difficulty, overlapping sheets, etc

simulare folii termoransfer