broderie computerizata


Professional embroidery services with advanced equipment.

-We offer quality embroidery, professionally executed in the smallest details.

-Embroidery thread in a wide range of colors and thicknesses adapted to each material.

-Quality, strength, which gives an elegant and unique air to the product. -Embroidery is one of the most resistant customization methods currently on the textile market.

-It is a unique process of beautifying textiles.

-We offer embroidery on any malleable fabric.

-We ensure the transformation of custom files into specific embroidery files, without any modification of details of the original file.

-Professional services that ensure the desired resolution and quality.

-You have carefully selected and tested for fabric compatibility.

-This customization process has a very high visual impact due to the quality threads we use.

-It has a lifespan because it is not damaged in any way by any external factor.

-The embroidery process is relatively easy: a special insert is placed under the embroidery fabric and then they are glued to the frame (the insert varies depending on the type of fabric ex: for fine fabrics we have water-soluble or heat-soluble inserts, for normal fabrics we have insert with the appearance of porous paper, for fabrics that can not be loom we have filmoplast etc ..), follows the fixing of the stabilizing insert that is placed above the material (solvy - melts in contact with water) which has the role of holding the the surface then follows the computerized embroidery process the result being amazing