imprimare textile


Professional printing services with state-of-the-art equipment in the textile printing industry.

-Professional high-level industrial printing with water-based paints entering the fabric.

-We ensure the image quality in the smallest details.

-Vivid colors that are resistant over time and are absorbed into the fabric fibers. -Accuracy and speed resulting in short delivery time and longer production.

-The graphics are printed with accuracy and clarity in the smallest details.

-New technology for beautifying textiles, easily achievable giving textiles a fine, unique and high quality look.

-Printing process whose results do not compare with any other technique.

-Direct-to-garment printing -16 million bright colors.

-The production process for white textiles is done as follows: printing directly on the shirt with 1 or 2 layers of ink depending on the desired color intensity, followed by the heat treatment that is necessary to fix the color in the fabric and fast drying resulting in process durability.

-Printing on colored textiles is a little different and consists in: pretreatment of the product with primer which is necessary to ensure the fixation of the white ink layer that is given before the colored inks (the printer gives a white base to ensure color accuracy) then heat treatment for drying and fixing.

-As the main rule for the execution of the fabric printing process must contain at least 60% cotton -Prices are variable depending on several factors:

-If the textile is white or colored.

-Print size: logo, A4, A5, A3.

-High capacity of production.